Dez Wells Wows Everyone at the Basketball Scrimmage Today

I have to admit, this was 1 practice I was excited to see. Here are my observations of each player:

Dez Wells–absolutely the strongest driver to the basket in my Terrapin memory. Franchise was superb but Dez is stronger. If he clears the NCAA, possible finishes for this year’s terps would skyrocket. YES HE IS THAT GOOD!!!!!!

Alex Len—early on the guards got him the ball down low and he was a force. Physically looks completely different. At 7’1″ we better make the most of his talent this year

Seth Allen–love to shoot the rock. Good aggressive driver though he was hit with 2 charges

Logan Aronholt—very obvious he can shoot as he swished a 3 pointer

Pe’Shon–steady as a rock, he just won’t have to create that much on this team

Nick Faust–10 points—drove well to the hoop—it will be interesting to see how his role develops on this squad

Mitchell and Shaq—quiet games today but both are stron rebounders. Turge said Shaq is a relentless rebounder

James Padgett–quiet game today– he will have to adjust to not being the dominant big on the floor

John Auslander—just seems to be in right place all the time—probably the 10th man in a 9 man rotation–Turge said something to that effect

Jake Layman–aggressive early but tweaked his ankle though it didn’t seem serious


Scot Van Pelt, Juan Dixon, Taj Holden were in the house today



There Are 3 Responses to this Post
  1. Mricklen

    Wondering how long it would take for NCAA to declare Wells eligible to play immediately , if he had chosen UK?

    Reply ·   October 21, 2012

  2. fkterp

    to Mricklen surely, you can’t be serious asking that question.

    of course your response should be don’t call me shirley and of course i’m serious.

    Reply ·   October 21, 2012

  3. Mricklen

    Shirley I jest…

    Reply ·   October 21, 2012

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