FSU 41 Terps 14–No Matter what anyone says–Losing 4 QBs is a valid excuse for what happened this year

My buddy Roman called me up on the way home from the FSU game and asked a simple question–Who was the backup to Tom Matte when #41 ws thrust into the starting QB role for the Colts? I had no answer . Unitas and then Cuozzo were knocked out and in came Matte (after Ed Brown was allowed to play the final game against the Rams). 

Randy Edsall could not go to the waiver wires and pick up a QB. There were no moves left to be made. I DON”T CARE WHAT ANYONE THINKS< IF CJ BROWN WOULD HAVE BEEN THE QB THIS TEAM WOULD HAVE WON 7 OR 8 GAMES. The Terps were 4-2 with Perry Hills, a Freshman QB who had been on campus for 3 weeks when he started game 1. Enough said!

I was glad to see Kevin Dorsey get a couple of TD catches and enjoyed watching Kenny Tate have his best game of the year. As for the game 41-14 says it all. I will not miss playing FSU when we leave the ACC.

Thank you Seniors for sticking it out with Randy. I only wish every one of you the best of luck in life. Joe Vellano, I anxiously await watching you on Sundays next year.

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  1. freddy from boca

    number 40 bobby boyd who played qb at oklahoma would have replaced matte.

    Reply ·   November 18, 2012

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