Not a Done Deal But It’s Getting Closer–The Biggest Terrapin News Since 1958—Terps To The Big Ten—Many Pros Few Cons

This is the topic that has taken over all conversation in Terrapin nation. The handwriting is on the wall–The Reward from the Big Ten is just too big not to accept in my opinion. I keep thinking about the sadness in losing 8 teams just a few months back. The athletic department has been crippled financially. This move must be made!!!


Supposed $90—$100 million in the pot for Maryland— WOW!!

Fiscal responsibilty alone would probably leave the Terps with no other choice then making the move.

Tremendous upgrade in football and quality of football opponents.

Tremendous revenue received from the Big Ten network. The ACC coverage palls in relation to Big 10 coverage

Immediate rivalry with Penn State

New regular opponents–Michigan State, IU, Michigan

Tremendous local following of the schools would easily enhance football attendance at Byrd

A breakaway from the malaise of playing the same opponents year after year. Note the Duke home & home setup will be gone after this year.

Tremendous Women’s Lacrosse rivalry with Northwestern

100 Million Dollars

Would not have to suffer through a Dukie V Broadcast of Maryland Duke

Would no longer have to accept the premise that the Greensboro Coliseum is a neutral venue

Money available to upgrade facilities and properly operate the athletic programs without having to continually ask the same great alumni (Plank, Bishotti, Gossett,etc.) to bail the program out



Men’s lacrosse would lose Super Conference in the ACC–But let’s be real–Who is our real Lacrosse Rival–for over 100 years it has Been Johns Hopkins–And perhaps now we see the growth of Loyola into a new rival

Duke and Carolina games for Men and Women would be gone—But is Duke truly our rival—In the 70’s it was South carolina–then NC State, then North Carolina and maybe for a few years Duke—time to move on


The ACC has always treated Maryland like a stepchild it had to occasionally pacify but no more



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  1. Mricklen

    Like the potential with the proposed B10 move.
    After all is said, the ACC is still run like a Pop Warner league. The TV network is minor league, as is the quality of the telecasts.
    We have definitely been treated as step children, and back seated to the Carolina schools.
    In the short term, am concerned about our treatment this bball season given the tremendous upside potential.
    But it really comes down to just getting past the ACC and into the real tourney.
    But the refereeing has never been balanced and am concerned about calls costing us precious and necessary victories this year and next.
    I do think that the NC, Virginia and Duke lacrosse rivalries will be missed, but we will meet them in the NCAA’s.
    Money is essential to big time programs more than ever, so it all looks good from my perspective.

    Reply ·   November 18, 2012

  2. freddy from boca

    i thnik bischotti went to salisbury state or salisbury steak. don’t think he’s a md alum just a supporter of the program.

    Reply ·   November 18, 2012

  3. freddy from boca

    fkterp wrote:
    8:38 AM EST
    the reality is the athletic department is millions and millions of dollars in debt. the football team averaged about 33,500 per game this year. in 60 years as a member of the acc you can’t name me one long term conference rival. duke md in baskettball..short term rivalry in the early 2000’s when both teams were playing great. since then it’s a big game for md because md basketball has been average and fans get excited about a top 10 team coming in. after next yr md will play duke only once a year after the acc realigns. md had the same type of short term rivalry with nc st in the 70’s. duke-nc is the rivalry. decade after decade nc has been md’s biggest rival but md hasn’t been nc’s biggest rival. who is md’s big football rival? the last 15 yrs it’s been west va. over the last 50 years it’s probabaly penn st though md hasn’t beaten the lions since kennedy was president. who’s md’s biggest lacrosse rival…it’s johns hopkins. how much longer do you want to hear how md is treated as a stepchild in the acc. for years writers from balt and dc didn’t even participate in acc voting because everything was geared towards the state of north carolina. acc basketball has gone backwards for years. top to bottom the big 10 has better basktball. top to bottom the big ten has better football. with additional revenue md can improve the football facilities and improve scouting and they can compete in the big ten. and they’ll have the money to fire edsall if need be. and it’s not like they are competing well in the acc at this time. 17-32 over the last 4 years if they lose next sat in chapel hill. and over the last 8 years they are under 500 in acc play. tv revenue between the big ten network and espn is off the charts compared to the espn acc money. and md academics will receive millions in federal grants by joining the big ten. life is all about change even though people shy away from change. i think md fans will have to accept and embrace change because i think this is a done deal which will be announced by 4 pm monday. i sure many fans are going to miss the wake forest md football rivalry and the miami md basketball rivalry but life must go on.

    Reply ·   November 18, 2012

  4. Mricklen

    Agree, but let up on Esdall. Give him a chance, the recruits and their families seem to like him, which is more important than whatever prejudice you may have. As do the decorating seniors.
    He may not succeed but let’s give him the chance.

    Reply ·   November 18, 2012

  5. freddy from boca

    if edsall doen’t produce next year he’s probably in trouble. but i’m all for giving him a chance. he’s better overall than last year so that’s a positive.

    by the way…Big Ten institutions are also, along with charter member the University of Chicago, part of the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC), which shares a $5.6 billion research fund.

    Reply ·   November 18, 2012

  6. Scotty Dub

    Two words: Rose Bowl! Bring on the big Ten.

    Reply ·   November 18, 2012

  7. Mricklen

    I love the move.
    The ACC is the most over rated conference in the country.
    Basketball is still controlled and predicated on appeasing the Tar Heel schools.
    The style of basketball in the Big Ten, is so much more physical and playable. The new MD roster is going to be loaded with bigger physical players that will play well in the Big 10.
    It is exciting to forecast actual football powers coming to College Park. I don’t care about Duke, WF, Clemson, GT, Miami.
    Also you have Miami on probation with NC and possibly Duke on the way as well.
    Non conference game records is abysmal in omit ball and getting worse in BBall for the ACC.
    And Big 10 has won the ACC/Big 10 challenge 2of the last 3 years. And most likely will again this year. NCS the projected best in the ACC this bball season was blown away by unranked Ok State yesterday.
    I do think that the refereeing which is historically horrible to Md teams in the ACC, will cost us some precious victories this year, on the way to the NCAA. But so be it.
    I say good riddance to this flea bag, minor league circuit. And whatever the additional revenues generated, will be compounded by renewed enthusiasm in actual, legitimate big time programs visiting our campus.
    The Big Ten national radio and TV networks leave the archaic and minor league ACC media networks in the dust. Plus the revenue fees that will be generated just from the media shift, will hopefully allow the return of our recently discontinued programs.
    Per chance to dream of a Rose Bowl appearance.
    Bye bye Weed Eaters.
    Very exciting!

    Reply ·   November 19, 2012

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