BREAKING NEWS!!!!! It’s Official–Terps are in the BIG 10

Much more tonite. The Times They Are A Changing

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  1. Mricklen

    I love the move.
    As for the finances , I say why not wait until the numbers become available to criticize ?
    I am sure this is more than viable financially, which is the main impetus for the move.
    The ACC is the most over rated conference in the country.
    Basketball is still controlled and predicated on appeasing the Tar Heel schools.
    The style of basketball in the Big Ten, is so much more physical and playable. The new MD roster is going to be loaded with bigger physical players that will play well in the Big 10.
    It is exciting to forecast actual football powers coming to College Park. I don’t care about Duke, WF, Clemson, GT, Miami.
    Also you have Miami on probation with NC and possibly Duke on the way as well.
    Non conference game records is abysmal in omit ball and getting worse in BBall for the ACC.
    And Big 10 has won the ACC/Big 10 challenge 2of the last 3 years. And most likely will again this year. NCS the projected best in the ACC this bball season was blown away by unranked Ok State yesterday.
    I do think that the refereeing which is historically horrible to Md teams in the ACC, will cost us some precious victories this year, on the way to the NCAA. But so be it.
    I say good riddance to this flea bag, minor league circuit. And whatever the additional revenues generated, will be compounded by renewed enthusiasm in actual, legitimate big time programs visiting our campus.
    The Big Ten national radio and TV networks leave the archaic and minor league ACC media networks in the dust. Plus the revenue fees that will be generated just from the media shift, will hopefully allow the return of our recently discontinued programs.
    Per chance to dream of a Rose Bowl appearance.
    Bye bye Weed Eaters.
    Very exciting!

    Reply ·   November 19, 2012

  2. freddy from boca

    md will make an extra 100 million in revenue by 2020 moving to the big ten. meantime they will receive a large interest free loan from the big ten which some of that money should be used to take posner out to dinner.

    Reply ·   November 19, 2012

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