Tick Tock Tick Tock–terrapintimes.com Reports the Votes are Coming Around To Support The Terps Move To The Big Ten

This could be a monumental day for Maryland Athletics.

There are many divided on this topic but it certainly appears that we are closer to having real reason to hate Urban Meyer.

Gary Williams’ support of the move means a tremendous amount to me and most Terrapin fans. For years and years we have been treated like the stepchild of the ACC. Our presence is a necessity but our successes are distasteful for the Carolina controlled league.

But the bottom line is Maryland needs the financial help this move will bring. For whatever reasons, the buck has not stretched deeply enough into College Park. How may times can we call on our great supporters to bail us out. Kevin Plank, Steve Bishotti, Barry Gossett, etc have been called on constantly when things are tough. The entrance into the Big Ten will prevent any future loss of Terrapin teams. It was a very bleak day a few months back when hundreds of Maryland student athletes were informed their sports could no longer be funded. I hope that in my lifetime this will never have to happen again.

The first point naysayers bring up is Maryland Duke–This one way rivalry will most often be reduced to 1 game a year starting next year. Maryland West Virginia will continue. Maryland Johns Hopkins will continue . Maryland Penn State shall return. Matyland Northwestern (Women’s Lax) will begin.

Tick Tock Tick Tock—there will be so much more to say over the next months. Let’s just wait and see if it goes down.

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  1. bob shinskie

    I have been a member of the Terrapin Club for over 33 years and have had season tickects for both football and basketball for close to 40 years.
    If Loh goes to the Big 10, I will burn my terrapin membership card and I have a few others that will do the same.

    Reply ·   November 19, 2012

  2. Jef

    This is an absurd move by Maryland. As an alumni and life long Terp fan, Maryland is built on its basketball program in addition to its men’s and women’s soccer and LAX programs, which have been dominant for years – Men’s National Champs in soccer 2005, 2008, losing in the LAX National Championship in 2011 and 2012, winning the Women’s National Championship in 2010 and losing in the finals in 2011 in addition to winning the 7 Nat’l Championship in a row from 1993-2001). Leaving the basketball, soccer and LAX rich ACC is a huge mistake. Additionally, losing the rich tradition of UNC and Duke hoops games just plain sucks. This is about a Board chasing the all mighty dollar and totally disregarding the rich history or our school. You are tearing the heart out of what makes our school great, its traditions, teams, school spirit and great rivalries!!! You should be ashamed of yourselves.

    Reply ·   November 19, 2012

  3. Mricklen

    This is not a money grab, that will make anyone richer.
    This s a decision based on maintainance and viability moving into the oresent and future.
    If the move was not made, I feel cutbacks would have been the order of the day, and any semblance of competitiveness lost.
    You would definitely lose Turgeon.

    Reply ·   November 20, 2012

  4. Ricco

    I think it’ll begreat for the terps to move to a tougher conference to in my years of sports its been the bigger the challenge the better you get your talking about being able to play against schools that sell out 90% of thier games this would also be good for recruiting because maryland looses a lot of recruites to the big 10 in every sport besides the super conferences are comming so why wait GO TERPS

    Reply ·   November 24, 2012

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