Mixed Emotions on Transfer to Big Ten—Many of the Positive Thoughts

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Much of the reaction to the switch to the Big Ten has been mixed. This is certainly to be expected. Over the 50 plus years we have been in the ACC there have been tremendous moments that we will review over the next year. Yet the times are changing. I guarantee many schools in the same financial situation that Maryland has been in are reeling now. Maryland was far better to be proactive.

Some of the positive thoughts.

Many times when a business needs financial help, it has to resort to extreme measures. In this case Maryland was able to solve its financial crisis by upgrading into the Big Ten. If you don’t think it is an upgrade just check out the proposed football schedule in the blog below.

The strength of the Big Ten TV Network is unreal. Just the first night, there was more talk about Maryland then I have ever heard before.

Read the words and wisdom of our HOF coach Gary Williams. He hits the reasons on the nose.

Dr Loh and Kevin Anderson stated one of the obvious causes that precipitated such a move. One of the bleakest days in Maryland’s athletic history happened  few months back when Kevin Anderson had to inform 8 teams that the University could no longer fund their programs. I spoke with Kevin that night and he was devastated. Dr Loh emphasized that with this move today Maryland will never face this situation again. In fact, immediately a study will be launched to see if it is possible that any of the removed teams could be revived. 

Many people have said said only basketball and football matter. Well, nothing could be further from the truth. The student athlete on the Swimming team trains just as hard as the one on the football team. Being a swimmer means as much to him or her.

I truly believe that Maryland has had 2nd class status in the ACC for as long as I can remember. Why must we believe that Greensboro is a neutral site for the ACC Tournament?

Who are our rivals in the ACC after 50 odd years. Name one in football, and we are continually scoffed at by the Carolina teams. Well those days are over. Duke and Carolina got their wish and now they can rejoice in being 2 teams from the South again whose games become meaningless in the Baltimore Washington market.

I certainly am not shocked in seeing former players Elmore, etc being dismayed about the move. Their lives were sculptured by their days in the ACC. But if it is good for the University they should be happy. I guess time will tell. But the we are a Big 10 school now. Or next July 1st. A lame duck year might not be pretty as we have incurred the wrath of every ACC School. So be it.

I forgot to mention that maybe one day Maryland will be in the Rose Bowl. Please do not interrupt my dream.

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  1. freddy from boca

    those against talk about tradition. va tech..miami…bc….pitt…syracuse…what tradition? the money. you need to take a closer look at the yearly increases md will receive. lacrosse rivalry. md’s biggest rivalry is johns hopkins….duke and nc won’t be coming to college park every year in basketball once the conference realigns. how much further is a trip to lansing or champaign then a trip to miami or tallahassee when you are flying. few mention the cic which has a 5.6 billion dollar fund that provides grants for research for big ten teams. and the reality is md’s athletic dept is millions and millions in debt and this gets them out. for years no wash or balt writer voted in acc matters because of the biased nc press. the a.d. is just like any other business and if a business is in bad shape and can get help you take the help. this isn’t the acc of the 1970’s or 80’s. it’s not even the acc of 2000. i’ve followed md since the tom nugent, dick shiner, tom brown days and went to school there. i was at the south carolina stall game, the david thompson super bowl sunday game. been to many md duke and md nc basketball games, saw randy white play on saturdays. a lot of great memories and many against acc teams…but they are maryland memories more than anything else and i await more md memories of which many will now be big ten memories as well.
    though, i will truly miss the md wake forest football games.

    Reply ·   November 20, 2012

  2. Max

    I like the move. Better football conference = better recruiting. Duke never really considered us their rival, now there is the opportunity for a much more natural rivalry with PSU.

    Reply ·   November 20, 2012

  3. freddy from boca

    the past rivalry with penn st is akin to the rivalry between the hammer and the nail. md 1-35-1 vs the nittany lions. the addional money will allow md to enhance their football facilities and increase their recruiting budget. the potential for md to be ag ood football program year in and year out is there. but other than the big jim tatum, jerry claiborne and bobby ross years and ralph’s first 3 years md football has never been very good. it’s been average to below average at best. it should be easier to get good players who want to play in the big ten compared to the acc. md needs to lock down the best local players and recruit hard in florida because the best players are in the sunshine state. you can go to a recruit considering fl st or miami and say..come to the big ten and it’s only 2 hours by plane for your family to come see you and you can do an intro to terptalk and get you started in the sports radio business.

    Reply ·   November 20, 2012

  4. Jai Nitai

    Before expansion, from the 70’s on Maryland’s rivals were who ever was doing well. the home and home games insured we could always get back at “them” (Md vs #2 SC in 1973 at cole). for couple of years it was NC ST ; then it was Clemson for a few years; then Duke started to get better in the 80’s; for a little while it was UVa; we were always trying to make UNC our main rival. Truth be told there was never a main rival in the mold of : UNC-Duke or Clemson-USC or UVa-Va Tech or FSU-UF or Ga-Ga Tech or Alabama-Auburn. The closest rival in football was Terps versus Tenn in the early 50’s for the National Championship every year and then UMd-PSU(a little too one sided)and that was it. We’ ll be playing PSU in Balto at M&T before 80,000 insano terp fans before to long and then the entire terp nation will be real happy again. Especially because we won’t have to slow our voice down so our “rivals” can understand our classy insults.

    Reply ·   November 20, 2012

  5. Mricklen

    Going to. be very interesting next week, with Md taking on NW in the ACC Big 10 challenge. Talk about mixed messages.

    Again, we have never gotten a fair shake with ACC refs, now I just hope their newer and bigger bias doesn’t cost us an NCAA invite this year, and next.

    Reply ·   November 20, 2012

  6. Mricklen

    Agree that Penn State in spite of the beyond lopsided series history, was our staunchest rival.
    I was on the sidelines the year we won, with Gary Collins catching the winning pass.

    Reply ·   November 21, 2012

  7. RyanO

    “Dr Loh emphasized that with this move today Maryland will never face this situation again.”

    It doesn’t matter how much money the athletic department has. If they mismanage it, we may end up in this situation again. Then what?

    Reply ·   November 21, 2012

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