I Am in Shock—As Perfect Game Plan Leads Ravens to a 33-14 Thrashing of the Giants–Securing the AFC North Title Again

What an incredible day for the much beleaguered Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh and the Ravens franschise QB #5. The game plan devised by OC Jim Caldwell was virtually perfect as Joe marched the team for TDs in the 1st 2 possessions and the Ravens never looked back

The Ravens utilized the middle of the field much more then has been done in the past. Anquan caught several gutty plays right down the middle of the field. Torrey torched Cory Webster time and time again. Torrey coming back just 7 days from his concussion against the broncos was back in form last night.

Ray rice rushed for over 100 yards but had a key TD reception over the middle as Caldwell used many of the same tactics of his QB at Indy.

As it stands now the Ravens will host Indy in 2 weeks unless the Patriots lose to Miami and the Ravens defeat the Bengals next Sunday. Those events would toss the Ravens into the #3 seed and a meeting with the Bengals instead.

The “no name ” defense was superb, thoroughly disrupting the Giants ebb and flow. the pass rush was there, great coverage by the secondary, and the Ravens kept Ahmad Bradshaw in check. Ups to the defensive Coordinator Dean Pees. You just had the sense watching this game that there was no wy the Giants could move the ball. Ball control by the Ravens resulted in a 2-1 clock advantage.

This was the offense I expected last week against the Broncos. Hope springs eternal after this win. It was very satisfying watch the Steelers choke away the season. 

I thoroughly never saw this performance coming for the Ravens especially after the debacle last week. I have never been so happy to have been so wrong. Welldone Joe Flacco. 5 years 54 wins for John Harbaugh. Enough said.


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  1. freddy from boca

    ravens fans should take this win with a grain of salt. baltimore beat a team that quit playing for the season the week before vs. atlanta and was dead yesterday. the ravens have floundred because of injuries. the giants have injuries but have a great deal of dissention in their locker room. the browns or jacksonville would have beaten the giants yesterday.

    Reply ·   December 24, 2012

  2. Mricklen

    Love me some grains of salt!
    Especially after the last 6 miserable efforts…
    That was like fun…

    Reply ·   December 25, 2012

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