Putback By Alex With .9 Left Gives Terps 51-50 Thrilling Victory—Video of Storming the Court

IMG_0085  Click for Video of Storming the Court

There were several reasons I thought the Terps would win last night. PeShon definitely did bounce back scoring 7 with 5 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals and 0 turnovers. I talked to PeShon post game and he was definitely a happy camper. Well done. The Terps held the Pack to 19-61 or 31% shooting. Turge’s utilization of 10 players keeps the defensive pressure ratcheted up. NC State has no depth—0 points on 0-7 shooting from 2 guys who can barely play.  If the Terps could have found any hot hand (3-18 from the 3) this game would not have been close.

Dez Wells and PeShon combined for a great defensive effort on sharpshooter Scott Wood 3-13. Alex only had 1 block but gave CJ Leslie and Richard Howell fits. 

Dez’ offense was definitely off last night as he finished 2-10 with only 4 points.

The new starting backcourt of Nick and Seth Allen struggled at times with cohesion but when they left the game the Terps were up 12-2.

Gottfried employed a zone with about 10 minutes left and Maryland was baffled. Only strong aggressive inside play by Alex saved the day.

The Terps need to get to the foul line much more. They were only 6-8 from the charity stripe.

Strong presence at the game last night—Kevin Plank, Gary Williams,  Lacrosse Coach john Tillman, St paul’s Lacrosse Coach Rick Brocato, WSOP Main Event Champion Greg Merson (all decked out in Terrapin gear), and Most of the Football Coaching Staff.


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  1. freddy from boca

    it’s a win but very ugly. excellent defense. they play hard! can’t understand why it took so long for ncst to go into a zone. md can’t shoot from the outside and they missed more than a half a dozen layups. wells had the only shot beyond 10 feet in the first half. very poor ball movement, poor spacing, the next pick and roll with be their first. i can remember 4 good passes. wells to shaq, len to shaq, faust to shaq and allen to ?. defensively we’re much better off with len and shaq on the floor. they cause problems inside. would have thought aronhalt and layman would have come into the game quickly when ncst went zone. why is it when edsall threw players under the bus everyone got mad at him and when turgeon does it no one says a word. let’s see where this team is when feb rolls around. right now they do not look like a tourney team.

    Reply ·   January 17, 2013

  2. freddy from boca

    this is the third game md has gone down to wire and though they did get the last basket it shows once again that there is no go to guy and the play and shot selection leaves a lot to be desired. of course ncst should have fouled before the shot but nonetheless md doesn’t excute real well and/or the coaching is to blame? and why did the fans storm the court. makes us look like we just broke a 15 losing streak. we beat a good but not great team. a team that has zero bench. had ncst been coached better they would have gone zone much earlier in the game and their players probably wouldn’t have so winded at the end of the game.

    Reply ·   January 17, 2013

  3. John

    They are struggling, but I like the fact that they play so hard. To me, maybe even more frustrating than your team missing shots is watching the other team drain open shots and cut through your defense for easy shots. While NC State had a few easy points last night, they had to work for most of them. MD’s missed shots (around the rim and outside) will start to fall. Freddie, I agree with you about having guys like Aronholt and Layman in there when teams play zone. It’s a long way to the tourney, but I think they make it.

    Reply ·   January 17, 2013

  4. Jack from Owings Mills

    I was there last nite. Loved seeing the kids rush the floor. That is what college B-ball is all about.

    Peshon was once again horrible. The loudest cheer of the night was when he finally hit an open jump. Terps continued to shoot poorly. It appeared that they were looking for someone to step up and want the shot. Ball movement produced very little.

    The best pass of the night was a bounce pass to Padgett, who could not bend down to catch the pass. Once again, he was a non entity.

    Len was sagged on every time he touched the ball. The guards had continuous problems trying to get him the ball.

    Once again, the ref’s were horrible. You would think that we would get a couple of home calls. Not in my life time.

    A great win on an off night. Thank the Terps for winning one for John J.

    Reply ·   January 17, 2013

  5. freddy from boca

    john j aka herakas..many of you may remember him from the hair garage on read st passed away this week.

    Reply ·   January 17, 2013

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