REDEMPTION!!! The Ravens Are Going To The Super Bowl—Totally Dominate New England 28-13

PAY JOE FLACCO already—-And I mean don’t wait til this summer –give him his 100 Plus million and move on. In successive weeks, he beat Andrew Luck(the next peyton), Peyton Manning, and Tom Brady—again. Smokin’Joe is 8-4 in the playoffs. Since Joe Caldwell has taken over , he is rejuvenated. Joe is elite!!! There are 10 NFL teams that would do anything to get him. I don’t care what happens in the Super Bowl!!!!!

What a tremendous turnout by Baltimore fans. The O was deafening.

Saturday I truly believed that it was the finesse team against the toughest roughest team in football. You saw Shane Vereen drop a pass in the wide open. wes Welker was looking over his shoulder all day. Pollard’s hit on Ridley basically ended the game. That’s Ravens football–that’s how they play the game.

The key to victory was using Bouldin in one on one situations. 2 TDS says it all. Though it reulted in 3 and out , I like how caldwell went for the jugular after the Ravens took the ball over with 8 minutes left.

I think the defense learned a lot from JJ Watt of Houston, the way we batted balls. Brady’s dink and dunk shots just could not get into the end zone.

The Ravens are lucky they don’t have to deal with Bernard Pierce. He is the real deal. Can we not keep Bouldin for 1 more year?

Now the scramble for Super Bowl tickets starts. But truthfully it is about the what this team has done for the city. Tomorrow we wake up and Baltimore has been lifted. Let’s give some credit to the O’s for getting the good vibes started. The synergy between the 2 teams which took 16 years to evolve brings civic pride to every fan.

I haven’t mentioned the Big Brother Little Brother battle because we will be smothered by that over the next 2 weeks. Look I guess I am happy for mom and dad Harbaugh but frankly I could care less about the 49ers and there by Jim. John Harbaugh is our guy –he loves Baltimore and all I care about is him beating his brother.

New Orleans is a tough town to get to but ticket prices were helped by the ATL losing. By the way for those of you who think Matty Ice is better then Joe –wake up. Ryan is now 1-4 in the playoffs.

It’s absolutely incredible that the second the game ended the nightmare of last year left my mind. Well kind of.

Shannon Sharpe excoriated Bellichick for not talking to CBS after the loss. He even used the words poor loser.

I love the fact the 2 ex Terps are key figures in the game–that of course is Torrey Smith and the great TE Vernon Davis of the 49ers.

A couple of strange decisions by Bellichick–punting for 4th and 4 on our 34 yard line. Why? Out of character. The Patriots chose to go against the wind in the 3rd quarter. I guess he wanted it for the end of the game but obviously it never got there. Also the sweatshirt guy held his timeouts until 2:20 were left. By then it was virtually impossible to come back.

All 4 CBS analysts picked the Patriots to win. But I will tell you that Bart Scott called the game perfect on Inside the NFL. He spoke clearly of a Ravens history.

No weapon formed against me shall proper—Isaiah 54:17 –has become the rallying cry of #52 and the team. San Fran has been established as 4 1/2 point favorite. So be it.

Jacobi Jones has been quiet with kickoff returns lately.

12 years ago as the Ravens were finishing off the Giants in Super Bowl XXXV, I pointed to the scoreboard and told a bunch of my Baltimore friends–we might never live to see this again. Well I know one thing for sure The Ravens are going to the Super Bowl.


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  1. freddy from boca

    what happens if No weapon formed against me shall proper—Isaiah 54:17 –becomes the rallying cry for the 49ers as well?

    Reply ·   January 23, 2013

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