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J O First Time Ballot Hall of Famer–Art Bypassed Again

There was never a doubt in anyone’s mind that Jonathan Ogden would be a 1st ballot entry. Once again Art Modell was bypassed. He didn’t even make the final 10. Ridiculous. Sickening.

Hall of Fame
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  1. By: freddy from boca | On: February 3, 2013

    modell is never getting in. what he did to cleveland was terrible.

  2. By: Mricklen | On: February 3, 2013

    And what exactly was that Fred ?
    He has a dump of a stadium, they were giving him the runaround to delay building a new one.
    The needed PSL’s that became essential to economic competition were not available to him, but were to his competitors.
    He waited and waited and he was taken for granted.
    So he left while leaving the complete Browns history and legacy behind for the Cleveland. people.
    He was a gentleman and a mensch always.
    As well as being an integral owner in the development of the league and its expansion into and beyond lucrative TV rights and packages.

  3. By: freddy from boca | On: February 3, 2013

    mike, modell requested and was granted ownership of cleveland stadium. a bad business move. he gave andre rison a 6 million contract which he said broke the team. one contract took him down? 80,000 strong showed up every week in cleve and he was losing money. (the colts were drawing 25,000 at the end.) poor management. he had to sell a chunk of the team to bisciotto even after balto gave him a stadium, and even though he was getting all the psl money, club seat , concession and box money and 70,000 coming every game. modell was a bad businessman. he may have had good ideas about marketing and tv, but he was in overhead as an owner. and he voted against balto getting an expansion team. he should have tried to sell the team to local ownership in cleve. if irsay’s ownership in balto. mirrored modell’s ownership in cleve would you think irsay should be in the hall of fame after he moved the colts. the reality is memorial stadium was a crummy stadium. pathetic bathrooms and concession stands, many bench seats, obstructed view seats, no club seats or boxes, a dirt field, no parking. if cleve owed modell a stadium didn’t balt owe irsay and the colts a stadium. had the city and state not promised modell a stadium he never would have moved to balto. irsay may have snuck out of town in the middle of the night but he was open about moving the team. remember his trip to tampa which spawned the don’t tampa with our colts bumper stickers. he went to phoenix looking to move. modell moved without warning making a deal in an airplance with john moag of the stadium authority. irsay was a classless drunk, modell acted like a mensch when it suited him, but not to the people of cleveland. modell was a phony and at least with irsay you knew what you were getting albeit you were getting horsecrap. and never like abe polin bcause he traded earl the pearl and moved the bullets to dc but at least he built his own arenas. joe robbie built his own stadium. why should the state and local govrnmetn build any private business a facility. i think they could help with infrastructure but not pay for the whole show.

  4. By: freddy from boca | On: February 3, 2013

    and by the way mike, modell didn’t leave the name and colors and unis willingly to cleve. he had every intention of calling the team the balto browns but cleveland sued for the name etc. so rather than have a legal fight he reluctantly left the name and unis. go find video from the press confrenc in the innr harbor area and you’ll see t shirts that said baltimore browns. modell was anyting like you thought he was.

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