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    43,000 watched USA defeat the Dominican Republic 6-3 and move on to the final four in the WBC.

    If the USA is going to play in the WBC, let’s win it for once.

    If you missed it, Adam Jones made the greatest defensive play of his career, robbing who else but Manny Machado of a HR  by making a leaping, stretching catch over the wall.

    Once again, thank you Seattle.

    Officiating is taking a beating this weekend. The flagrant foul on Seton Hall was ridiculous. Missing the goal tending call against Northwestern was inexcusable. Then the technical foul against Collins compounded the crime.

    The umps were wrong on at least 5 calls in the Maryland Lacrosse game and these were all not against Maryland.

    As I predicted Saturday morning on the Sports Maven, the matchup between Villanova and Wisconsin heavily favored the Badgers. Villanova looked horrible against the Mount and Happ, Vitto Brown, and Nigel Hayes were just too strong for the 2016 Champs.

    Guys, Turgeon has got the Terps to the dance 3 straight year, including a sweet sixteen, let’s get off his back!!!



    There Are 3 Responses to this Post
    1. Hal Mendelson

      Turgeon, because of his recruiting ability, did get to the tournament three years in a row. However, because of his lack of game preparation ability and his lack of game coaching ability has been unable to advance. The Maryland team looks like 5 guys on a playground. I suggest that he does some reading this summer about attacking a zone defense and coaching in general. You are either blind or unwilling to admit that his coaching is the worst we have seen since the Bob Wade years. When Gary coached, you knew the team you saw in November and December would be much better in February and March. Turgeon’s teams in February and March are worse and the players individually are worse. The three freshman will probably get worse each year Turgeon coaches them.

      Reply ·   March 19, 2017

      • freddy from boca

        hal, hard to argue. you never see in game adjustments, you do see poor substitution patterns, and no real feel for the flow of the game. how many times have the terps gone ice cold from the field-the other team goes on a big run and turgeon just sits there watching. chris mack of Xavier is just the opposite. changing defenses. smart use of time outs. understanding what’s working and what isn’t.

        Reply ·   March 19, 2017

    2. freddy from boca

      good call on Wisconsin. funny how you didn’t mention you picked notre dame to win it all and they are gone.

      Reply ·   March 19, 2017

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