Great Defense? Big Ben Throws for 505 Passing Yards–Steelers 39 Ravens 38—-Unbelievable

Why is it that when the Ravens were up 31-20, I had a sinking feeling that this one was far from over?

Trouble with the secondary was brewing last Sunday when Stafford scored 3 TDS with a quick passing game and tremendous ease.

Please no more talk about what a great defense the Ravens has–that ship has now sailed.

Once again the Ravens were unable to stop the game winning drive as has haunted us in the past few years.

Ben was 46-66 and 505 passing yards. Seems impossible

The series that made me sick was the one after Pittsburgh closed the game to 38-36—3and out –when 1 first down wins the game

46 seconds left –one timeout–and the best FG kicker maybe ever–35 yards gives you a 56 yard FG

OK the offense was darn good last night  BUT WHY DID IT TAKE 13 GAMES TO OPEN UP?

Think we might have beat the Bears with the Offense playing like it did yesterday

Alex Collins was great –plain and simple

Back to horrible QBs the next 2 weeks

Enough said—Bedtime

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