Very Sad Day in Mudville errrrr Chicago for the Terps

No spin–we saw what we saw–another poor 1st half –mild comeback — and a loss

What really hurts is that the Terps had beaten this team twice this year–one of which was a blowout in Lincoln. Plus the Terps were well rested and Nebraska was playing its 2nd game in 12 hours with just 6 players basically.

It was the 3rd straight 1st round knockout in the Big Ten Tournament for Maryland.

This was not the team who went 13-7 in conference play.

Kudos to Darryl Morsell for playing his heart out and keeping the Terps in the game–somewhat.

Enough said. At least this year we are not “sweating” out a bid to the NIT. The Terps are firmly locked into the dance and probably will maintain a 5 seed. Joe Lunardi in his most recent Bracketology has the Terps on the way to San Jose to face the Incredible Ja Morant and his Murray State squad.

One thing for sure–we will see a much more determined team next week. This loss stung everyone associated with the program.

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  1. Harold Mendelson

    This is a typical Turgeon end of the season melt down. This was a very good team with a mediocre coach. We all know this. We should trade coaches with UMBC. In order for the U of M to go where we want them to go. Turgeon must go.

    Reply ·   March 16, 2019

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