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Bruce Posner, Intern Mason, Jordan Viener, Maryland Basketball

In this episode of the Terptalk: YoungTerps Podcast. We have a serious conversation about the direction of Men’s Basketball. As well as brief looks at the Women’s Basketball tournament draw, and the upcoming schedule for lacrosse.

Intern Mason, Jordan Viener, Maryland Basketball, Maryland Lacrosse, Terptalk Podcast

Intern Mason, Jordan Viener, Maryland Basketball, Maryland Football, Terptalk Podcast

St Frances is the BCL champion, but controversy mars the victory – find out what happened…


2018 Recruits, Maryland Basketball, Wayne Viener

Here is Bruno with Bruce –

Bruce Posner, Maryland Basketball

After the game, Bruce talked to Kevin Huerter for a moment – here is the audio –

Bruce Posner, Maryland Basketball

Joshua is a really interesting guy, has played all over the world.  Thanks for spending a few minutes after the loss –

Maryland Basketball, Wayne Viener

Not much to add, the play went sideways on the Terps –

Maryland Basketball

Bruce and Wayne from the tunnel at MSG as the Terps go down to Wisconsin in B1G tournament. Some good photos as well. Check it out

Bruce Posner, Maryland Basketball, Wayne Viener

Here is the audio of the press conference with Turge and Kevin Huerter.  Later in the presser, Kevin gives his impassioned take on Maryland hoops.

Maryland Basketball
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