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Bruce Posner, Intern Mason, Terp Talk

Great decision by the Ravens brass for many reasons

Coach Harbaugh has successfully turned around what seemed to be a failing season after 10 games by changing the entire offense and culture of the team.

He has embraced the QB of the future and set sail on the past.

The list of potential candidates to replace him would not be impressive.

Though early in the year when the team began to fail, I leaned strongly for a change, lately I … Read More »

Bruce Posner, In The Nest, Ravens

Congrats to the 2018 National Champs – here is the TerpTalk Exclusive interview with head coach Sasho – hosted by Bruce, Wayne and Todd

Bruce Posner, Other Maryland Sports, Radio Shows, Terp Talk, Todd Carton, Wayne Viener

Bruce Posner, Intern Mason, Terp Talk

Sports Maven 11/24

Sports Maven, Terp Talk

Bruce Posner, Intern Mason, Radio Shows, Terp Talk, Wayne Viener

Bruce Posner, Intern Mason, Sports Maven, Wayne Viener

With Bruce, Wayne and Mason – live from the Board of Regents meeting in downtown Baltimore. DJ Durkin is back as the head football coach, Wallace Loh announces a retirement date and more.

Bruce Posner, Intern Mason, Terp Talk, Wayne Viener
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