Suggs to Arizona for 1 year deal

Zadarius Smith to the Packers

CJ Mosley to the Jets for insane money

Who’s next?


With their backs up against the wall, once again stellar play by Lamar gives the Ravens their 9th win of the year.

Purple had to win this game and win and dominate they did. To a man, the Chargers did nothing but praise the Ravens D. Philip Rivers was obviously frustrated all night.

Lamar whose starting record is now 5-1, turned the game back in the Ravens with a 68 yard TD pass to Mark Andrews.

The Ravens thoroughly dominated … Read More »


Great decision by the Ravens brass for many reasons

Coach Harbaugh has successfully turned around what seemed to be a failing season after 10 games by changing the entire offense and culture of the team.

He has embraced the QB of the future and set sail on the past.

The list of potential candidates to replace him would not be impressive.

Though early in the year when the team began to fail, I leaned strongly for a change, lately I … Read More »

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Wayne Viener, Rockville, MD – Across the Balt/DC area the 2nd stringers have saddled up and provided hope where stalled offenses prevailed. All three, Piggy at Maryland, Lamar in Baltimore and Colt in DC are in because of injured starters.

We will start in College Park where Tyrrell Pigrome, who was the original starter when the Terps beat Texas in Austin last season, has taken over for Kasim Hill, who himself was coming off a torn ACL in his right … Read More »

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Talking about the passing of Jordan McNair, US Open golf with Pat Coyner, the Ravens with Dennis, Caps win the Stanley Cup and more. Hosted by Bruce Posner with Wayne Viener.

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By Jordan Viener – I have always felt like UMD and pro sports have a strange relationship. What I mean by this is that the Maryland fanbase is almost dead split between the DC and Baltimore metro areas, just look at this poll from Testudo Times few months back. Because of this divide, I feel like both the media team for the Terps, as well as Terp media outlets have been reluctant to embrace pro teams due … Read More »

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Bruce Posner is the Sports Maven with Wayne Viener

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Talking Terps football with Wayne, Jordan and Mason focusing on recruiting and the early signing period for college football.  Dennis with Ravens news and more.

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Here we go:

Marty Mornhinweg must go. His play calling was absurd, predictable, stale, stupid, and in no way did it prepare the Ravens for the W.  Coach Harbaugh should be calling the plays because no one could do it worse then Marty. Wake up Steve–everyone sees this except Harbs.

OT 1st and 10 from our own 40. 25 yards and the game is won. Off tackle, Up the middle and an incomplete pass. Don’t you try to win. Pathetic!!!!

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Thanks to Dr Sandy Seigel for having us at the Prostate Cancer Walk on Sunday


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