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Len Bias Tribute

Video Tribute To Len Bias

Watched this last night on you tube

June 19, 1986–The Tragic Death of Len Bias

June 19, 1986 was the day when my heart was broken. Everyone knows my devotion to the Terrapin Basketball team, But back then the joy that watching Len Bias gave me was and still is unmatched. Lenny was the 2nd athlete I was ever in awe of–First of course was … Read More »

24 Years Ago —June 19, 1986 —Len Bias Died

It seems like only yesterday when tragedy struck, but on the eve of every NBA draft the whole horrific story comes back to haunt every Terrapin fan.

Without Bias —A Masterpiece

Without Bias

3 Events in my lifetime have had a profound effect on me

Read More »

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