Friedgen Takes Encouragement Approach to Saturday’s Game against Cal.

    It seems like no major changes are in the hopper for Saturday.  It is imperative for the Terps to get off to a quick start or else could run away and hide.  OC James Franklin commented on the QB performance:  “As a quarterback you got to make 90 percent of the throws that are there. If a guy is open you got to hit him. Really, it is not that difficult when you have good protection to drop back and if a receiver is open and hit him. You got to hit 90 percent of them. And then what you got to do is hit 50 percent of the balls that are tough. When you get a little pressure, the coverage is a little tight, you got to make 50 percent of them. And if you do you are going to be in the 70 percent range and you are going to be in pretty good shape because most of the throws are there. That’s what he needs to do, take his training from practice, just take it right onto the game field and make the throws.   Now, can we do some things to help him with the receivers and tight ends and running backs and O-line? No doubt about it. But that’s what he needs to do.”

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  1. Rob Hanslev

    Already getting ready for Cal this year.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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