Terps Flat on the Road Again In Loss to Hokies

Unfortunately, the handwriting has been on the wall all year. The Terps just have not played well on the road. This time it cost them a very clear and definitive trip to Tampa for the right to play in the Orange Bowl. Now the Terps must win the next 2 games or virtually be eliminated from the BCS position. Some of my observations :

Again we win the toss, defer, and Tech winds up scoring on their 2nd possession clearly taking control of the game. I just can’t understand this thinking on the road.

Should the Terps have worried at all about the Hokies passing game with the clear injury to Glennon.

More then any game in recent memory the Terps were just pummeled by the Hokies.

It’s time to get Darrius the ball even if it means putting him on Kickoff returns, running more end arounds,or putting him in the Wildcat formation. ¬†

How can turner not have run the ball 1 time all year. Is it that Steffey is not ready yet?

With an 8 man defensive front should Turner have dropped back as much as he did.  Would no huddle offense have stopped some of the defensive charge?

I hope we don’t have to win the final road game against BC!!!!!

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