Duke 85 Terps 44 Enough Said

 Halftime it was 40-15 Duke and then 60-20 when Coack K emptied the bench. There is just nothing to say–it was a tough day to be a Terp.  Hayes, greivis and Bowie were a combined 5-25, the Terps were outrebounded 56-38, and on and on. But here is the key to the new Devils. Coach K learned more about d this past summer at teh Olympics then he has let on. The Terps were pressured when they crossed halfcourt like they have never seen. This was NBA Kobe induced pressure.  Duke would either steal the ball or create impossible shot opportunities. The Terps fell behind 12-3 very early and could never even remotely catch up. It was my 2nd venture into the home of the Crazies and I was again moved by how small the arena was.The team must regroup fast because BC is comimg to town Tuesday and Miami omn Saturday. Two wins and the Terps will be 4-3 in conferenceI had a chance to record both coaching press conferences.gary-after-duke-loss     coach-k-after-game

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