Gary Readies Troops for 3 Point Shooting Marksmen

Everyone asks me how the Terps will do against the Cal Berkeley Bears and all I can say is I have never seen them play.They start a 7 footer who is not too productive but seem to be a team that loves the 3. Live by the 3 die by the 3. Theo Robertson is anxious to guard Greivis. Watch what you wish for . Coach Williams had this to say about the expected 3 point barrageĀ “They’re a very good 3-point-shooting-percentage team. They were leading the country most of the season, and I think they’re shooting around 43 percent from the 3-point line. It comes from three players primarily, and they’re all very good 3-point shooters. It’s not just from right against the line – they can go back and shoot the 22, 23-footer. Their point guard (Jerome Randle) is a little guy, 5-foot-8 or 5-foot-9, but he really has great range on his 3-point shot. Randle is tough to play because he’s quick enough to get by you if you do come out and play him tough in transition. The thing that’s interesting is that they don’t shoot a lot [of 3-point shots]. They shoot 15 or 16 [per game] so they take quality threes. They’re not just firing every time, and they have some other things they do well, like shoot free throws at about 76 percent, which is also outstanding. They’re just a good offensive team. They have a good field-goal percentage. It’s a challenge to try to stop them with your defense.”

Four days to prepare , I have to like Gary over Montgomery. I will study up and have more to say tomorrow night.

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