Greivis Claims Memphis Could Not Play .500 Ball in the ACC—Game Preview

There is only one Greivis Vasquez. If he was a football player , he would be a natural Raven. Greivis is going into this game with Memphis fearless and shouting Maryland’s praises all over Kansas City. When I watched Memphis the other day the first comment I made is that they could never go unbeaten in the ACC. I see about a 11-5 record. Greivis reminds of the first playoff game with the Titans when the Ravens came in screaming and gloating. I love Greivis’ swagger and I think it can be infectious. He is the guy I want in the trenches. The Terps are playing at the peak of their game. The “Maestro” has weaved these guys into playing at peak levels. The Terps were so loose and confident Thursday I knew they would win.

Ok, so how does Maryland , never in the top 25 all year, defeat the #3 team in country. Here are My theories.

Grivis is going to see defensive pressure like he hasn’t seen all year. It will be crucial for Dave Neal to be hot early and either Milbourne or Bowie to be hitting the open shots. 

Memphis will concentrate on Greivis so much that again I believe that this game fall in Eric Hayes’ 3 point shooting touch. The Terps were able to win with only 1 Eric dagger on Thursday but it was a big one. Eric must be on target , the shots will be there and there is no one better to feed him then Greivis.

Defensively, at some point Gary will try a 1-2-2 zone, making the top man, probably Mosley chase from side to side.  The other 4 guys will attack the boards, one place the Terps are always vulnerable. Adrian Bowie wants Tyreke Adams, let him have the Freshman. I fear their 2 bigs Robert Dozier and Shawn Taggart, I have seen these guys totally dominate the boards.

There is no way Sallie can duplicate his performance in round 1. Memphis has played such a weak schedule, that they are not sharp. Maryland must get off to a decent start. When the Tigers get on top they are brutal.

So the keys for the Terps are 1-Get to the first break even at worst.  2–Everyone must score and someone surprising must have a big day. Greivis is going to have trouble scoring big numbers. If he scores 25 against this team, look for him to move into  a late first round pick. The whole world will be watching.


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  1. accblows

    lol ACC is bullshit hype

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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