Coach Williams Speaks of Teamwork Being The Key to Success at At State Gathering

“I think anytime you’re connected, and I know all of you are involved in business or whatever, but anytime you’re connected with a team, because I think all businesses are teams just like we are, I always say this to the team before we start every year, the big speech is always, ‘If you’re not 100 percent with us, then you’re against us.’ In other words, you can’t be 85, 90 percent and consider yourself part of our team because we’re going to get criticized during the year at times and people are going to say a lot of nice things about you at times, but we have to be together. The people in this locker room are going to determine our success and no one else. Some teams do; some teams get away from that as the year goes on, but I thought our team was tremendous because we went through some tough things this year and we found out a lot about our team. Some people don’t want to be accountable for your success or lack of success; we were fortunate to have people that really cared about each other and were willing to take the responsibility to try to get better. It was just a great feeling to coach these guys this year because a lot of times you’re measured on whether you win championships or whatever (cellphone goes off in the audience), but in coaching to keep you going what you do is.

To read more of Gary’s speech to the Maryland Economic Development Association, go to

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