2 Runs 12 Hits 13 LOB—Trembley Shake up This Team!!!!

What is going on with the Orioles? It is not September yet. Mired in last place in the East, unable to score, unable to win, shake things up Dave. This is not a time to stand pat. 

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  1. freddy kallens

    i seems lile trembley is a gentleman, articulate, bright and a class act. he also had a losing record in the minors over 20 yrs. the orioles have far more talent on this team then they have had in the last 10 yrs yet the results remain the same. you can’t fire 25 guys. i don’t know if another manager could do any better but the time is coming soon to find out if the team continues to sink. i do think the 3rd base coach does a lousy job. and why does trembley continue to bat mora 5th when mora hasn’t driven in a run in the last 26 games. why does trembley sit wieters after wieters had 2 consecutive 2 hit games and finally showed signs of coming out of his slump with the team in an overall slump. don’t you need every guy who is hitting a little in the line up when most everyone else is going bad? how can you take bergesen out of a game after 8 innings and only 97 pitches when he is going for his first major league complete game and first career shutout. anyone you bring in after can’t do any better and sherrill let in a run and was facing the tying run at the plate. one of the few things i disagree with that macphail has done and overall i think he’s doing a great job is signing koji as a starting pitcher. here’s a guy that is past his prime as a starter and has been pitching out of the bullpen the last couple of years in japan. plus he pitches 5-6 inn at bast and he needs 5 days rest between starts. and the weather is too hot for him. hello! it’s only june, wait til aug he’s libale to melt. i’m older over 20 yrs older than koji just came back from the gym after doing 45 minutes on the stairmaster and now i’m going out to play 36 holes and it’s 90 degrees here at 10:45 thank g-d koji won’t be with me today he’d wind up in the emergency room by the 6th hole. calling dr. fine dr howard dr. mishner

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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