Early Assessment of Koji
I fully understand why Andy MacPhail signed the likes of Adam Eaton, Mark Hendrickson and Koji to be in the starting rotation .  Signing these players allowed the young pitchers from Bowie to gain valuable experience pitching at the next level in Norfolk.  Eaton is now off the team and Hendrickson is in the bullpen.  Yet Koji remains in the starting rotation usually pitching 5-6 innings a game.  Earlier in the year Koji had trouble gripping the ball because of the cool weather.  Then Koji had fatigue problems pitching in warm, humid weather and it’s only June.  Coming from Japan Koji is not used to pitching with 4 days rest.  He, like most Japanese pitchers are more comfortable pitching once a week.  This is something I’m not sure U.S. G.M.’s were really aware of.  Koji has also missed time with hamstring problems.  Too cold, too hot, too humid, not enough rest, hamstring problems, shoestring problems.  Is Koji a major league pitcher or major kvetch.  It’s been raining all morning in South Florida.  Tonight they call for temperatures in the mid 80’s with high humidity.  If Koji should be able to pitch into the the 6th he’ll probably need 2 weeks rest before his next start, or he could wilt from the heat and humidity pitch 3-4 innings and need a walker to get back to the dugout.  
   Blog from Freddy in Boca
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  1. freddy in boca

    After reading what I wrote a couple of days ago I was 100% correct, again. Koji goes 6 and now he is doubtful for his next start. You just can’t this insight anywhere fans. Only on terptalk can you get amazing, brilliant, accurate analysis of your favorite sports by America’s most knowledgeable sports savant, me. Don’t forget if you are playing lousy golf or you’re thinking about learning to play…..grip, set-up and club path are the 3 basics you need to build a solid foundation.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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