Wigginton Saves Then Blows Game in 7-6 Loss To The Marlins

—First things first. The crowd at Land Shark Stadium was announced at 10,200. On TV it looked like there were a max of 2000 present and in the late innings about 600.  I’m not sure iI would be building a new stadium for this team.

—Who is to blame last night Ty Wigginton for an absolutely idiotic base-running mistake in the 11th inning or Dave Trembley, the manager of a team that has run itself out of 5 or 6 wins? WHY? WHY? WHY? was Wigginton trying to stretch a single when the winning run would have been on 3rd with 1 out. Somebody please tell me why.

—Trembley did push all the right buttons last night, making move after move that worked out. He is changing the lineup, pinch hitting when necessry, weaving his entire club in and out of the lineup. BRAVO!!!!

—Freddy, Koji looked pretty last night. I am watching him closely now that you have launched a full attack on him.

—Wow, Adam Jones sure can look weak sometimes.

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  1. freddy in boca

    Koji did pitch well last night. But 76 pitches and he’s done. It’s not that I think Koji isn’t a good pitcher, it’s that he shouldn’t be in the starting rotation. Because of constant rain yesterday the game time temperature was 74, not the expected 90, yet Koji is finished after 6 and 76 pitches. Don’t forget koji spent the last couple of years pitching in the bullpen. He was finsihed as a starter in Japan. Having a starter who can’t get past the 6th on his best nights isn’t helping the team in the long run. Koji would be better suited to pitch out of the Orioles bullpen. I think that someone like Baez will be traded in the next month and the O’s will put one of the Norfolk pitchers like Patton or Hernandez in the rotation and Koji will go to the bullpen. “Nice play” by Zaun at the end of the game.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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