European Basketball Players–Impossible to Predict NBA Success

Ricky Rubio is 18 years old, always lived at home, and certainly starred in whatever Euro League he was in. But, how will he do in the NBA—18 YEARS OLD!!! Jim Boeheim wasn’t impressed. His passes and ball handling remind you of the Legendary Pistol Pete. Remember Pistol might have been a great showman but many rings did he have? Many Euros have dominated overseas but in the NBA they become journeymen. Meanwhile American players who have proven their worth are sometimes regarded less likely to succeed. DuJuan Blair a 2nd round pick–many teams will rue the day they passed over this block of granite. Of course there is one South American who will be a deserving first round pick next year—Greivis!!!!!!

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  1. freddy in boca

    Pistol Pete average over 44 points a game in college without a 3 point shot line. He was obe of the greatest basketball players to ever walk on the court. No rings. Dan Marino, no rings. Elgin Baylor, no rings. Ernie Banks, no rings. Gale Sayers, no rings. Dick Butkus, no rings. Karl Malone, no rings, John Stockton, no rings. Todd Cruz has a ring. Happy Hairston has a ring. Don McCafferty coached a Super team has a ring. Joe Altobelli managed World Series team has a ring. SO WHAT’S YOUR POINT? MINE IS OBVIOUS. By the way if you have read several stories about Rubio, there are several “experts” who predict greatness. That said, who cares what is the difference what any of these people say? It all comes down to what the player does when he gets on the floor. How many first round picks have been a wasted first round pick despite what the experts predicted? How about Kwame Brown, Desagana Diop, Steven Hood, Melvin Ely, Juan Dixon, Mike Sweeney, Aam Morrison. There’s not enough room on this website to list all the first round busts.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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