Ron Artest Signed By the Lakers–Svengali Has Lost His Marbles

I know Artest is a great defenseman. I Know he carried the Rockets on his back. But adding a time bomb like Artest to a Championship team? WHY? What is Jackson thinking. Trevor Ariza was a key ingredient to the title run and now he is gone. Apparently its all about salary cap problems.Good luck repeating, Kobe. By the way with all the free agent signings in the NBA, do you notice you never hear the name of the Wizards in the fray? Rasheed, Ariza, Artest–do you think one of them could help the Wizards cause?

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  1. freddy in beautiful boca raton

    When was the last time Artest realy went nuts? Been quite awhile! To me it’s a great signing. here’s a guy who for the most part has settled down and stopped acting like a wacko and plays ball. He is one of the league best lockdown defender, scores points, hits the 3 and plays hard. The Lakers are looking to win now and this helps their team. The Wizards aren’t going to compete for a championship this year and they are near or over the salary cap. Why would a top tier free agent want to come to Washington? If the guy is a scorer he’ll never see the ball with Arenas and Jamison on the same team.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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