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Finally , we have the Terp Talk Forum up and running, Just go to and click reply to one of the subjects or enter your own. One I approve the comment, you will be free to voice your opinion on the Terps, O’s or whatever. 

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    from suspapers

    The $1 million payment would not be made unless Maryland were to name a successor to Friedgen other than Franklin, or Friedgen were to remain beyond the term of his contract.

    “It’s just our way of acknowledging and recognizing that [Franklin] gave up something to stay at Maryland,” Yow said.

    In effect, Franklin would have to agree to amend the contract and let Maryland off the hook if Friedgen were to stay for the 2012 season.

    “That would have to be a conversation Ralph and James had, where James deferred the opportunity for two more years,” Yow said. “That’s what would have to happen because I don’t have a million dollars to give James. They’ll work that out in time.” She said any such discussion “is very premature.”

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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