Pie, Salazar on the Block

Funny how things work out. A week ago , we stated on Terp Talk–keep Salazar and trade Felix Pie. Ironically these are 2 players that have drawn interest from the pennant chasers in baseball. Expect both to be gone by the All Star break.

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    salazar has played well since being called up from norfolk and pie, truth be told, has improved over the last 2 weeks or so, but neither is getting very many at bats and neither figures in the orioles long term plan. (thank goodness after 25 years they have a plan). so whetever you can get for the two is a plus. 3 weeks ago i don’t think you could have gotten a baseball and a pair of spikes for pie. there is some talk that one might be traded for josh fields and 3rd baseman for the white sox. at least he might be fodder for headlines like josh fields his position brilliantly as o’s beat…gee who could the o’s really beat?…o’s beat aberdeen in exihibition game.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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