O’s Lose in 4-3 in 11 Innings to KC—O’s 2-9 Post All Star Game

It’s official the freefall has begun. As the trade deadline approaches the only Oriole where there is any interest is George Sherrill. The Birds are only looking for 3rd baseprospects. Seems to me like George has about 2 days left as an Oriole. ┬áHas anyone seen Luke Scott’s bat–going back to last week’s Monday Yankee game , Luke is 1-19. Freddy predicted Luke’s collapse. Adam Jones continues his Home Run tear , hitting #16 lat night.

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  1. freddy from boca

    Luke is a very streaky hitter. The first half of the year he only had, as I remember. one bad streak going something like 4 for 25. This streak is typical. Huff going cold certainly doesn’t help matters. If your air conditioning isn’t working just invite Huff and Scott over your house and things will cool off quickly. On the positive side Reimold continues to improve, Jones has had some ups and downs but maintains an average around .300 and his power numbers are good. Markakis is solid, plays a lot like Al Kaline..Bergesen and Hernandez look like good Major league pitchers and Bergen last night pitched well. I disagree with Trembley taking him out after 6. He made one bad pitch in the first, had thrown only 88 pitches, 58 for strikes. Trembley said he didn’t want Bergen to lose the game. To me that’s playing not to lose rather than playing to win. Show confidence in the guy and let him go out there another inning. Wieters had his first 4 hit game. With Tillman pitching tonight and hopefully staying on the team the O’s will have 4 rookie starting pitchers. The future is quickly becoming the present. Will Trembley sit Wieters tonight and play Zaun? Hope not but Trembley does a lot of things that makes me scratch my head. Though the Orioles w-l record is lousy there is definitely improvement on this team. I wouldn’t be real concern with wins and losses until mid season of next year. Still to come Arrieta and Matusz and possibly Patton. Third base and First base remain major concerns for next year as well as Manager.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  2. freddy from boca

    take a look at what i wrote early this morning about trembley sitting wieters tonight after the kid had a 4 hit game last night. just checked masn’s web site and zaun is starting behind the plate rather than wieters. what i wouldn’t give for sock full of horse manure to hit trembley in the head with. the only way wieters shouldn’t play is if he is hurt or sick. oye vay!

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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