Numbers Again—Freddie With Assistance From Bruce in Parentheses
  1. Nolan “The Knat” Smith (Joe Walters or Bruce Perry)
  2. Timmy Brown (Colts) (Moses Malone)
  3. Babe Ruth, though gotta give some love to Juan (Juan Dixon)
  4. Bobby Orr, o.k. I loved Jim Gentile and Earl Weaver (Jermaine Lewis)
  5. Brooks Robinson, who’s Joe DiMaggio?
  6. Bill Russell..what, not Billy Klaus?
  7. The Mick (Boomer or Scott McBrien)
  8. Yogi, sorry Ripken fans..and I’m an Orioles fan since the 50’s. (Darrius Heyward-Bey)
  9. Gordie Howe, not Teddy Baseball (King Corcoran)
  10.  Earl “The Pearl” Monroe, my favorite athlete of all time. (Chris Turner or Bernie Faloney)
  11.  Luis Aparicio…the greatest defensive shortstop, ever. (Elvin Hayes or Dick Novak)
  12.  Joe Willie (Alan Pastrana)
  13.  The Big Dipper, not Steve Barber or Curt Blefary (Scott Milanovich)
  14.  Ernie Banks (Dick Shiner or Neil O”Donnell or Shaun Hill or Sam Hollenbach or Gary Williams))
  15.  Earl Morrall (LaMont Jordan or John Lucas)
  16.  Joe Montana or maybe Sam Bowens
  17.  Hondo, if you don’t know who I mean, sorry.    
  18.  I could say Peyton, but he plays for the Indy, so Roman Gabriel.
  19.  How dare you ask who 19 is!
  20.  Frank (Larry Sigfried)
  21.  The Great, The Unbelievable Roberto Clemente..not Curt Motton (Greivis)
  22.  Cakes (Keith Boothe)
  23.  Actually for me it’s Chuck Estrada though many would say Vic Roznovsky (Stevie Franchise or Vicky Bullett)
  24. “Say Hey” Willie Mays (Adrian Branch))
  25.  Gus “Honeycomb” Johnson (Darryl Hill or Gene Shue or Steve Blake)
  26.  Boog
  27.  Wally Bunker
  28.  “Orrsvile”
  29.   Marshall Johnson, not Bake Turner or Dick Hall.
  30. Brad Davis or Billie Jones
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