Pie Hits For Cycle as O’s Win 16-6—Scioscia Acts Like An Idiot!!!!!

Tonight’s game was quite the feat for the Orioles.  Baltimore, facing an Angels lineup with eight batters hitting around .300 and going against Jared Weaver, who had a 12-3 record going into the game.  The Orioles crushed the Angels 16-6, capped by Felix Pie getting the 4th cycle in Orioles history. After hitting his triple, Pie flashed some fist pumps to the crowd, which drew a stare from Angels manager Mike Scioscia as he was replacing his pitcher.  Pie later apologized, which he should have done to save face.


But come on, why do we have this double standard?  Baseball is the only major sport we have where the winning team is strongly encouraged to not celebrate.  Celebrations happen all the time with other sports, including basketball, football, and hockey, but baseball is very different.  Now Mike Scioscia is a terrific manager that will likely have has team competing in the playoffs this season.  I understand it was a frustrating game, but really, can you lay off Pie?  Don’t you have better things to do, like not leaving a reliever out when he’s allowed four runs in an inning?


It has been a rough year for Felix Pie, having to play a permanent role behind Nolan Reimold after struggling early in the year.  But he is slowly coming into his own, raising his average to above .250 and becoming a very useful bench player on the basepaths and on defense.  Plus, the cycle puts him into the Oriole history books.  And to Mike Scioscia, leave Felix Pie alone.  It was not so bad that you had to make it an issue.

Blog from ’09 Terrapin Graduate Dave Vatz

Comments from Bruce—Scioscia’s eyeballing of Pie was a disgrace. Mike look at where the O’s are–trapped in last place. You acted like a jerk last night. If you think about retaliating against BRob or Jones, I only hope Trembley attacks Vladimir!!!

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