Matusz Shelled O’s Lose 5-1—-8-20 Since All Star Game—Could Strasburg Fall to the O’s

The Nats seemingly will not be able to sign Boras phenom Stephen Strasburg. He would reenter the draft next year, the Nats would receive a #2 pick and if the O’s have the 2nd worst record Strasburg could fall in their hands.  Is this correct?

Dave Trembley will definitely finish the year as Manager, says Andy MacPhail.

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  1. freddy from boca

    Could Strasburg fall to the Orioles next year if he doesn’t sign with Washington. First I think he will sign with Washington for something in the neighborhood of 18 million dollars. Nice neighborhood. But if he doesn’t there would be a good chance of the Orioles having the chance to have teh chance to draft him next year because the Orioles will draft very high up and the other teams who might draft in front of them are small market teams who probably won’t want to break the bank on a pitcher who has never gotten one out in professional ball. But I think the Orioles would be foolish to spend anything over 10-11 million for any player, especially a pitcher as opposed to an everyday player. The record now is 10.5. If you look at all the pitchers who have been drafted in the top 10 since the draft began there probably haven’t been more than a couple of Cy Young Award winners in the lot.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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