Can We Please Suspend Calipari Now—Dave Vatz Weighs In


The Memphis Commercial Appeal’s Dan Wolken is reporting from a source that the University of Memphis will have to forfeit its entire 2007-08 season, the year they came within seconds of winning the national title.  All 38 wins will be vacated, which will be the second Final Four that Memphis will have vacated, the other coming in 1985.  The reason this time: infractions on the handling of star point guard Derrick Rose, including him not taking the SAT that was submitted to Memphis plus use of its charter place by his brother Reggie.


So once again, a John Calipari-coached team that went to the Final Four, the other being his 1996 UMass team, has had its tournament results vacated by the NCAA.  UMass and Memphis have been punished severely by the NCAA for this.


But Calipari?  Nothing.  He is sitting with his multi-million dollar contract in Lexington coaching the University of Kentucky, one of the greatest programs in college basketball history, his “dream job” as he called it.  And nothing will happen to him.


This is just terrible.  How many “coincidences” have to pile up around John Calipari before the NCAA does something about it?  He has now left two schools that had great runs in the dust, and he is sitting in Kentucky with his wonderful new recruiting class and millions of dollars.  How does the NCAA allow this man to go scot free?  Eventually, coincidences add up, and there is no way a man that coached two mid-major teams to the Final Four only to have them vacated is not dirty in some way.


The NCAA has a duty to enforce its rules and investigate violations.  And they clearly had no problem taking wins away from UMass and Memphis.  But the coach who was behind these two teams isn’t getting any sort of punishment.  I hope Kentucky knows what they are in for.


Blog From Dave Vatz, 09 Terrapin Graduate


Bruce’s Comments—Can any rational thinking person not question how Calipari winds up with every top player. Derrick Rose is a prime example. John Calipari has virtually ruined his 2nd program.

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  1. freddy from boca

    I noticed Memphis didn’t lose any scholarships…is still allowed to play on tv and participate in tournaments. Coach Cal worked for Memphis and the school is ultimately responsible for his actions while employed there. So they lost the games. They still have their program intact. Still getting good players. I doubt any fan cancelled their season tickets because of the s.a.t. scandal. I find it amazing that anyone at Memphis or in Tn. call spell
    s a t And the people at Kentucky could care less what “Cal” did at other schools because the only thing that matters at Kentucky is win. Wasn’t an assistant coach at Ky. caught sending thousands of dollars to a recruit several years ago? And the NCAA should suspend “Cal” for a long time for his actions. I can see a tv commercial..Hi there fans, this is coach cal. come on down to my used car lot and see the best deals on wheels and while you’re here ask about our snake oil. ummm it’s mighty fine! it just shows you want a joke the NCAA is.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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