The Absurdity Of a 4 Game NFL Preseason

What is the value of letting the starters play more than 2 sets of downs????    Flacco was close to getting his leg broken or hurt in some fashion. He took some hits for sure. What happens if Mason gets his shoulder hurt on one dive he makes ?  I know Harbaugh is the tough guy approach with lots of camp hitting, but there comes a time when common sense combined with risk analysis should take over. I have seen neither by most pro teams. The preseason is the disgrace of the NFL . If I were in the players Union in the next bargain period in 011, that would be a major issue. 

Blog from “The Tampa Terp”

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  1. Jon Blair - Terms FAN

    The owners need the extra income. Maybe the stars should negotiate how much playing time they get in the games (erring towards less).

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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