Bring Back Stover Before a Disaster Strikes—NOW

For years the Ravens offense consisted of field position and using #3 Matt Stover to nail any field goal inside 40 yards. Touchdowns have been brutal to come by. Finally, after Dilfer, Grbak, Boller, etc we finally have an offense led by #5 that can score. But lo and behold, there is no confidence in our FG kicker. Ozzie you have proven to be right in almost every move. But now lets admit we jettisoned Stover too quickly, and bring him back ASAP!!!! Keep Hauschka –let him boot from beyond 40 and handle the kickoff duties until there is total confidence that he is automatic from inside 40. Make the move before any game is tossed away.

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  1. Jon Blair - Terms FAN

    Agree for years the Ravens slogan was “crabcakes and fieldgoals”

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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