Ozzie Has It Right–Success Rises and Falls With the Men in the Trenches

I was talking with Gary Attman, a big time Maryland supporter and booster, last night when he brought up a great point to me.  Ozzie took a lot of heat for passing on the likes of DHB, Crabtree, Hakeem Nicks, etc. Though the Ravens need a deep threat, Ozzie let all of these speedsters go and concentrated on the Offensive line. Exhibition season means very little but the quality of protection for #5 allowed him to destroy every defense he faced, Now let’s relate this to Cal’s crushing win over Maryland. The Terps are loaded at the skill positions but frightfully light on the offensive line. For the Terps to move to the next level, they need  to concentrate on the 2 lines.

Now that the disappointment of Saturday’s loss is wearing off, let’s remember the Terps are 0-1 and would have been 0-1 had we lost by 3. The real concern today is the health of left tackle –Bruce Campbell who suffered a turf toe injury.Ralph will address the line needs and comment on it at his Tuesday Press conference.

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  1. freddy from boca

    ozzie has it right….trenches. NEWS FLASH…….
    anyone who knows a little bit about football knows you win when you control the line. that’s been true since the 4 horseman were yearlings. ya think ozzie came up with this idea one day. hey maybe if we have a good off. and def. line we can win. ya know why ozzie is smart? because he knows from history what works and what doesn’t. your headline makes it sound like he came up with this amazing new concept.

    NEWS FLASH..yes if you get beat 52-13 or get beat 17-14 you’re still 0-1 but if you get beat by 3 you probably had a chance or chances to win the game. when you get beat by 39 points you probably had no chance to win. and maryland was never in the game sat nite. had they won the coin flip rather than elect to kickoff or receive, they would have been smart and elected to go home. that was a horrible display of playing, coaching and terrible preparation. 9 receivers on the team and no offensive or defensive lineman. you would think they would know that in a couple of yrs were going to lose x number of line man to graduation and we lose a couple each yr to grades or injuries so we need to have x number of potential lineman on the team each yr. the more i think about it most of the credit for maryland’s early success when ralph took over should go to charlie taaffe and gary blackney. take a look at where md. was ranked offensively and defensively when those two guys ran each side of the ball.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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