The Insanity of Not Reporting Injuries—-Dave Vatz Weighs In

Another report has come out that another NFL team hid an injury from
the public.  David Givens, a former Tennessee Titans receiver, is
suing the team for not telling him about a knee injury in 2006.
According to him, the doctors told the team that he needed surgery on
the knee, but the team urged him to play and was not told about the
injury.  Later in the year he would injure his knee and has not played

This comes a couple weeks after the New York Jets were fined for not
reporting a torn biceps tendon injury to Brett Favre.

Not reporting injuries is a serious matter.  There are some of the
obvious reasons, like making sure each side knows the active roster,
that people who bet don’t have a secret advantage, among others.

But one clear reason is teams have a duty to protect their players.
Obviously a player knows his body, and if he wants should play through
a minor injury.  But many players feel a need to play no matter what,
and the teams have a duty to shut down a play if the injury is too
serious.  You can let them play through a sprained finger or a bunch
of bruises, but some injuries are just too serious, especially if it
is career threatening.

David Givens deserved better then to play through injury.

Blog from Dave Vatz 09 Terrapin Graduate

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  1. freddy from boca

    For years teams and team doctors have done what they thought was best for the team and not the player. That said players along with their agents, personal trainers and lawyers should be smart enough to seek another opinion from an outside medical source if there is any questions to the health of the player. Or are the players and his entourage all brain dead?

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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