Andy MacPhail made the right move. I am never in favor of managerial moves just for the sake of a move. Look how disastrous it has been for the O’s. The demise of the Birds this year was based on the dismissing of George Sherrill and Aubrey Huff. Joe Torre could not have won with this team. Dave Trembley has been given a 24th hour pardon. He knows what needs to be done. With the exception of Markakis and Wieters, any of the non pitchers are expendable. WE NEED A #1 starter and now a closer. We proved this year you must have a #1. Trembley knows he must deal with the baserunning blunders, the overall lack of fundamentals, but he must have more pitching . Its wins and losses now , in effect it’s Judgement Year for Dave and the GM. Say the Orioles finish at 61-99 –were there 20 more wins available this year. the answer is a resounding yes. 81-81 must be the goal next year. Then 2011 will be our year. I believe Trembley is the guy who will take us home.

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  1. freddy from boca

    You lost your credibility when you say only Markakis and Wieters are untouchable. You’re saying Aam Jones is expendable. A kid in his second year who made the All Star team. Hits for average, power and plays really good defense. Like really good young centerfielders with speed, power, great arm, and can catch the ball are readily available. And if you trade Roberts who knocks in runs, steal bases, leads the league in doubles every year and plays good “d”, who plays second? And a guy like Reimold. Why would he be expendable. Had a great rookie year playing hurt. I guess you think Pie is the second coming of Ken Griffey, Jr, and Wiggenton is the next Bobby Grich and Fiorentino is the next left fielder. So let me ask you something. Who are you looking to trade for? And who replaces the expendable? Maybe my friend you should stick to analyzing areas of your expertise…..women’s field hockey and synchronized swimming.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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