I am not a buyer of 2 things:

#1 The Vikings with #4 are a great team.

#2 The loss to Cincy makes the Ravens a mediocre team.

First, the Vikings are way overrated. Let’s look at who they have defeated. Ready for this powerhouse of opponents. The Browns, Detroit, SF on a lucky last second play, Green Bay at home on Monday night and then Kyle Boller and the St Louis Rams. This last game was a measure of revenge as the last time Kyle and Brett met up #7 thoroughly outplayed #4. The defense will rebound this week and Brett will not get away with throwing the ball up for grabs.

Second, The Ravens are still smarting from Clayton’s dropped pass, but now they know it must be put behind them. Mason will never be shout out by the Vikies and Adrian Peterson will find nothing up the middle. It’s judgement day for the Vikings and they will falter against the Ravens. Forget the line, the Good Guys in purple from Bmore win outright.

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  1. freddy from boca

    if the ravens are still smarting from clayton’s drop they need to wake up. there were many other plays that they shot themselves in the foot with. once the last game is over you gotta focus on what’s next not what could’ve been. it’s like playing golf. you hit a bad shot, you need to forget about quickly. sadly for me i tend to hit numerous bad shots after numerous bad shots. and the only thing i forget is where i put my car keys.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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