Mercenaries in 6——-Philadelphia in 5—Sorry No West Coast Series

The Yankees will not have an easy time with the Angels–why—Vlad Guerrero.  I still believe if the O’s could have closed the deal when Vladimir was a free agent, we would not be in the mess we find ourselves today. This guy is a pure winner. However, the Mercenaries are just too deep. There is not even close to a soft spot in the lineup. Over the course of a long series most pitching staffs succumb to the might of the Yanks. Furthermore Arod seems to have finally settled into being comfortable with the team. perhaps it was getting the burden of steroid use out of the closet and into the open.

Philadelphia is an easy choice–Cliff and Cole and pray for rain. Wait a minute, Pedro is lying in the grass as well. Just too much pitching. The only intangible here is Joe Torre. I wonder what is up his sleeve. The Dodgers just don’t have the starting pitching but they do have our stopper, George Sherrill.  Let’s see if Manny can put the team on his back without Big Popi around.

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  1. freddy from boca

    once artie moreno the angels owner starting talking with vlad it was over. to play for a latino owner in an area that has more hispanics than baltimore’s entire population, plus the weather made it a no brainer for vlad.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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