UVA 20 Terps 9—–When Will the Mistakes End?

There is not much to say. Another winnable game against a mediocre team  goes down the drain due to 4 turnovers. Some observations of a wet cold Saturday.

One play probably told us about the present and future. Sporting a 9-6 lead, Caleb Porzel turned the right corner as he passed the line of scrimmage with lightning speed. Believe me, he was gone for 6 and the game but he slipped in the slop and that was that. However, Caleb is the future—when the off line rounds into shape , he will be the man.

The defense was outstanding today led by 14 tackles by Alex Wujciak.  the d barely bent and basically was never threatened.

Chris Turner was 16-38 with about 5 dropped passes. kerry Boykins droppeed severalballs. Torrey Smith was taken out of his game by the Cavaliers unwillingness to Kick him  the ball.

A pretty good crowd, all things considered, suffered through endless timeouts for replays and other TV timeouts. If the fans have to suffer like that at least put the gameson real TV not the U or 360.

Nick Ferrara could notovercome the sloppy field conditions at the endof the game and missed 2 FGs in the 4th quarter, that  might have changed the outcome of the game.

Virginia brought about 500 of the most vocalfans in existence. I guess they must have to learn to scream loud from sitting in John Paul John arena where the upstairs seating  is light years from the court.

Despite the loss the Terps were well prepared today as the Caoches designed a game plan that was working both on offense and defense.

Next up for the Terrapins is a road cotest at duke next Saturday afternoon. This game has been relegated to ESPN 360 and its 4 minute delay.

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  1. freddy from boca

    I wasn’t real happy with the play calling. I don’t think Franklin gave enough thought to finding plays for Torrey Smith. Plus we were running the ball pretty well and he got away from that several times. Does anyone see us winning 4 games this year? And the play by play guy on tv was horrible. I don’t think he got one name right. Programming note. The Maryland NC St game will not be on any national stations or espnu or espn 360. There will only be some etch a sketch pictures available on the internet every 5 minutes.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  2. freddy from boca

    maryland ranks something like 118th out of 120 in margin of turnovers. they are like a minus 1.86 a game.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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