Nova Up 66-58 as Mosley Leads Comeback–7 Minutes left Nova 74-65

The Terps had cut to 3 but proceeded to miss 3 threes to tie it . They are now down 69-58—they need a hot hand in a hurry!!!

Jordan Williams splits 2 foul shots  69-59

Offensive rebounds are killing the Terps as Nova nails another 3 —-72-59 Terps Ball

Greivis hits a 3—72-62

Jordan Williams fouled going to the hoop—splits  72-63

74-58 Nova as Off Rebounds are the difference

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  1. Ryan

    I really don’t see how everyone talks up Vasquez so much. He is the worst player in MD history.
    He is a horrible shooter. He plays totally out of control, and his attitude is laughable with how bad he is.

    I can not WAIT til Ross is here next year.
    With Mosley taking off and showing that he is one of the top players in the country, with his defense, blue-collar ethic, and NOW HIS OFFENSE!
    But, GV, I for one think he is the weakest link on this team, and can not wait for him to be gone.

    The turning point tonight, was when it was 61-58, and he had a WIDE FREAKING OPEN ( his 4th or 5th) and MISSED TO TIE IT!!!.
    What a total loser. He then proceeded to miss a layup, and then pick up a charge in a 1 on 2 break. NOT A 2 ON 1, a 1 ON 2!!!. What a spaz. I never thought I would ever care so much because it is just college players, but I really think I hate him.

    He has been utterly terrible all season too. He was the weak link in all 3 losses.

    Williams is growing nicely. He played very well tonight against his 1st top 5 team.
    MD will be much better at the end of the season. I think they really hurt themselves by not padding their resume at all though. At Indy doesn’t go as far as a decade ago.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  2. freddy from boca

    I seriously doubt that Vasquez is the worst player ever to play at Maryland. That’s an really stupid statement. Now if you would have said that Braxton Dupree is one of the worst ever, I would agree. That said Vasquez has been extremely disappointing this year, and, for the most part, we have played better with him on the bench.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  3. Ryan

    I was making a statement, too close to the end of the game. Right around when GV missed 3 straight wide open looks to seal the comeback.
    No, he is not the worst. He IS however the most over-hyped.
    He really isn’t that good.

    I can’t WAIT for Ross.
    Although watch, Stoglin might actually make the biggest impact right away at the PG.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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