Sherrill for a AA Prospect—What!!!!—O’s Lose Steve Johnson to the Giants

I will keep this short. I hope Josh Bell turns out to be our 3B for 10 years, but I know George Sherrill would have been our closer for 3 or 4 . Now with the loss of Steve Johnson because we didn’t protect him on the 40 man roster–this trade looks even more ridiculous.

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  1. Ryan

    There is NO WAY Johnson stays on the 40 man at this point in his career. Maybe if it was the Royals or Nationals, but NOT the Giants.
    This was standard, and I still think this was the smart move by Andy. Actually, maybe Pedro Florimon would have been better left off, but, it still isn’t going to matter.
    SJ will be back.
    I also am in total disagreement that Sherrill would have been here for 3 or 4 years. He would have wanted Closer money after this season. There is NO WAY the O’s would have given him 8-10 million a year. We added a top 50 prospect and a huge sleeper prospect, for Sherrill.
    Not to mention that Bell is an everyday player.

    He HAD to pull the trigger on this.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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