Newcomer Ryan Blogs on the Direction of the Ravens

Flacco got the A- because of the conditions.
Also, anytime Flacco throws for 230+, with ANY TD’s, and no INT’s, with THIS WR corp, he should get an A.

I really try to think if there is a worse group of WR in the NFL, and I really struggle to find one.
Flacco has a shoebox size window to hit ANYTIME they play a good team.

The 2010 draft is the most important draft for the Ravens in over a decade.
There is NO CAP. So it will be 6 years instead of 4 before those taken can be UFA’s.
They have built the O-line and have a QB. They have NO WR on contract after this season. They are getting old on the D-Line.
They have some good young linebackers, and a superstar in the making in Webb. Reed might be done after this year.
And they have to decide how to handle the TE position.

So, in summary, they need a DE and a DT, they need a few WR, a CB and a TE.
RB, FB, QB, and OL are all fine.
Kruger is making great strides, so he will be able to step in for Price when Trev leaves or retires after the season. But they need someone next to Ngata, as Gregg/Edwards/Bannan etc. get near the end as well.

So, they have NO CAP and 7 picks to get those 10 or so spots filled and prepare for the next decade.
The book is still out on Zib and Nakumura, so they might need a S as well. But that can wait.

The problem with no cap is, other teams are going to want to lock up all their free agents as well for the long term, so the market might be thin on relatively YOUNG talent entering their prime.
But that will actually be good when it comes to WR’s. They might be able to grab a good one, AND draft a good one.

Vincent Jackson and Lee Evans head the WR UFA’s. They both might be franchised however, so we will see.
Braylon Edwards is a UFA.
The MOST interesting one is Miles Austin. He has had an amazing year. How much of that is the Dallas offense or teams paying way to much attention to Roy Williams?
I don’t know. But the Ravens HAVE to land one of them, and then hope they can land a Dez Bryant or Golden Tate in the draft.

Tate, and I hope I’m wrong (unless the Steelers, Bengals, or Browns, draft him) just reminds me a little to much of a certain #89 currently in Purple and Black. All the hype, but just 5’10, and not that 6’3 big target that seems to always set the standards.

Any thoughts anyone? Where am I off base?

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