Unloaded Firearms Found in Gilbert’s Locker

What else can happen to this franchise. Why in the world would this happen? Gilbert could be facing some sort of suspension after the NBA completes its investigation. Gilbert’s response was after the birth of his daughter, he didn’t want the firearms in his house. We shall see what unfolds.

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  1. Ryan

    The police is backing his story. Apparantley, he is telling the truth.
    It makes sense. They are NOT pressing charges or anything.
    It could just be a dumb mistake. Who doesn’t own a gun at this point? Anyway, the only problem is, when you own a gun, you have to follow the rules.
    That is what separates law-abiding citizens from criminals…the problem with Arenas is, he already has a firearms “mistake” in his past. We’ll see.
    I do believe him though, not that it matters what I think. Once you have a kid, you want anything that could cause them harm, about a million miles away.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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