Recruitment For Terrence Ross Possibly Could Be Opening

Let me start by saying at this point there is no official word from anyone. But speculation in the Washington Post (naturally), and even the, appears to be declaring that Ross is being wooed by other schools but Maryland is still deep in the mix. This is all speculation–if i have a chance to speak with Stu Vetter, Ross’ coach at Montrose, I will report later tonight. Stay tuned!!!!!!

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  1. freddy from boca

    Here’s one fan’s opinion. If Ross has opened up his recruitment I don’t think this has anything adversely to do with the University of Maryland. By all reports Ross helped recruit Mychal Parker to come to Maryland. My gut feeling is Ross doesn’t have the grades or the college admission test scores to get into Maryland at this time. Unlike other schools like Memphis, Maryland doesn’t allow students to take tests for someone else. If it is Ross’ s s.a.t. or a. c. t. scores that are falling short, I’m sure there is time to take the exam again. Don’t forget ever since Lenny Bias’ died, Maryland’s academic requirements have become more stringent than many other schools. Schools like Kentucky, Memphis, Cincinnati and U Conn have much easier entrance requirements particularly for blue chip basketball players. So please don’t start yelling about Gary and his recruiting. Maybe Ross, who is from Oregon, after spending some time at Montrose would rather go back to the Northwest to be closer to his family. And there is still a chance he’ll wind up at College Park. Maryland fans have lived through worse in regards to recruits. Anyone remember the name Moses Malone? Nothing will ever be as worse as losing Moses.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

  2. kevcorc

    This is about Gary and his inability to land any blue chip recruits. Roy Williams would have had this kid signed, sealed and delivered at the early signing period in November. They just got ran out of the Comcast Center by William and Mary what do you think the upper tier ACC teams are going to do with them and their lack of any consistent outside shooting. Plus Gary and all his wisdom has got this team playing seven players deep if that does’nt scream lack of talent what does. This program won an NCAA championship and opened a brand new facility this decade and Gary has pissed away any momemtumn this should have brought in helping build this program. He always seems to be in rebuilding mode with this team while other top ACC teams are just reloading. Of course all the Gary is God disciples out there will want to hunt me down and burn me at the stake for such blasphemy. But in their heart of hearts they know Gary and his coaching staff cannot land that big time blue chipper, that will make them an instant contender even for just one or maybe two years. They recruit the four year kid that makes them below .500 in the conference and a bubble team for the NCAA tournament and if they get to go to the big dance they are home by the end of the first weekend, so Gary and crew can get a jump on the next mediocre recruit.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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