Coach Vetter:Maryland is still Very Much in the Picture for Terrence Ross

Stu Vetter expanded on his opinion of the future of Decommit Terrence Ross in Matt Bracken’s sunpapers blog:

Montrose Christian basketball coach Stu Vetter confirmed today that senior shooting guard Terrence Rosswithdrew his commitment to Maryland “within the week.” “He has reopened his recruitment,” Vetter said. “He’s going to reopen it for a limited number of schools — no more than four or five. Maryland is still very strong in the picture. He just felt that he wanted to open it up and make sure he was making an informed decision. And that’s pretty much it.”Vetter said Ross, a four-star prospect who grew up in Portland, Ore., is not looking at any West Coast schools. There are four programs, in particular, that he’s currently focused on.  “Kansas, Kentucky, Duke, Maryland,” Vetter said. “He has limited who he [is considering]. Not anybody can come in and recruit him. Our rule, also, is that there will be no official visits until our season is over. And as far as recruiting during our season, the No. 1 priority is his academic work and the Montrose basketball team.”

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  1. freddy from boca

    Though I don’t think Ross will come to Maryland the only hope I see is that Ross’ coach Stu Vetter convinces Ross to understand the meaning of giving your word and standing behind it. However when he visits Kentucky and Kansas and sees the players who will be his teammates and sees the chance of playing on a top 5 team and the real chance winning an NCAA championship his freshman year, which might be his only year in college if he is that good….Well you can figure the rest out.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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