All in All An Excellent Entertaining Season for the Ravens But……Some Observations of a Long 1 Day Road Trip

How tough was it watching Stover nail that 44 yard FG to start the game. Our guy led to our own demise. I thought he couldn’t hit a 44 yarder. Hmmmmm could have used that dome FG in Sota.

8 minutes left down 20-3 aand we punt —WHY? ¬†Were the Ravens in a rush to end the season.

Last ditch play of the year , we go to Demetrius who either didn’t know the route or just quit on the pass.

Can our receivers ever get separation? I was sitting in the endzone in Flacco’s line of sight and he had of course about 3 inches to deliver the ball. Then again our secondary was on the Colts’ receivers like a blanket but Peyton found a way.

A pass to LeRon McClain 2nd and goal? If he caught the throw there would have been no gain.

Again from the endzone, what a great play by #20 on the interception. He just suckered Peyton into the throw.

I observed the walk and swagger of the 2 owners–believe me Bishotti has more class in his little toe then Jimmy Irsay has.

The Indy fans are still incensed at the 2 forfeits to ruin the perfect season. It was fun to fuel the fires.

I had to beg the bartender at some place called Jillian’s to put the Terps game on the tube.

The Howl at the Moon’s owner invited all the Baltimore fans to hang at his bar. Of course the legal capacity of the bar was 324 and 2500 showed up. Never got inside.

The Ravens fans should have worn white because the 2 colors blended and it was hard to distinquish the fans. A large O cheer but by the time Heap caught the ball the game was over.

I was definitely impressed with the stadium but for some reason it was cold inside the dome.

In summary it was a great season. We have a bonafide superstar in Ray Rice. #5 has another year under his belt. Our Coach is 23-14 in his first 2 years. Our offensive is pretty well set and in the entire year there was never a game we got blown out!!! Yea lots of room for improvement but I will never complain when the team makes the playoffs.

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  1. freddy from boca

    This is from a real and I mean a real Baltimore Colts fan. Section 10, 3 rows from the top…Jimmy Irsay has done a great job since taking over for “the drunk”. He was smart enough to do what his father couldn’t do. Hire good people and get out of the way. You can’t deny the fact that Indy (I’ll never call them the Colts, because the and uniforms, to me, still belong in Balt.) under Jimmy Irsay’s ownership, has done a great job. And, believe me, it hurts to say that, but it’s true.

    Reply ·   11/12/2019

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